• Current Focus

    We have chosen to begin with the repair and renovation of homes for retired and disabled veterans because the current system creates economic conditions that make some of them chose between maintaining their homes and eating.



  • What is the Fuller Center's Mission?

    Sub-standard housing should not be an accepted way of life in any community. All of us at the Desert Communities Fuller Center For Housing made this our mantra when we decided to formalize our mutual passions for addressing unacceptable housing for low income, elderly and veteran families in the Coachella Valley and Morongo Basin. Yes, it’s a intimidating task, but we all believe that our sense of community, our heart and muscle, and a brain trust of over 120 years of collective non-profit experience in housing gives us a head start on tackling the problem.

  • How will you choose to

    • Want to swing a hammer?
    • Paint a wall?
    • Plant a landscape?
    • Purchase Materials?
    • Prepare a meal?
    • Be an administrative volunteer?
    • Make a Donation?




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