Programs Guidelines and Requirements


Application Selection Criteria:

Partner Families are selected on the following basis:

  1. Resident of Coachella Valley or Morongo Basin for one year or more
  2. Applicant/owner must be legal resident of the United States
  3. Applicant must be willing to partner with DCFCH and participate in projects and outreach
  4. Applicant must have ability to make agreed payments or re-donate to the Program
  5. Applicant must be willing to commit to volunteer hours the amount of which will be based on the value of the work to be performed and the applicant’s ability to accomplish volunteerism determined at the discretion of the Selection Committee.
Income Guidelines and Requirements:

In order to qualify homeowners selected must have income more than a minimum amount and less than a maximum amount which is based on the number of people in the family.   Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

To download an application click on the below links

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