Greater Blessings


An initiative that benefits families homes in need of  repairs

Many Americans own their own homes, yet lack the funds or physical ability to keep them in a state of minimum repair. Hundreds of homes in the Coachella Valley have a hole in their roof, are missing outside wall material, have a crumbling foundation, or have broken windows.

Through The Desert Communities Fuller  Center’s Greater Blessing repair program, homeowners in need can apply to have their homes restored to a simple, decent living condition.  Once repairs are complete, The Fuller Center works with each homeowner to help them structure an affordable repayment plan. All of this is done while charging no     interest, without the use of a mortgage, and without requiring the title to the property as collateral.

Homeowners are “paying it forward,” because their payments enter a fund used exclusively for other Greater Blessing repair projects. Many people don’t feel comfortable being a charity case. Our founder, Millard Fuller,    believed that providing opportunities to work in partnership enhances human dignity, which is why these home repairs are not given away.

  • The Fuller Center for Housing works with, not for, families who contribute sweat equity.
  • Our “hand up” approach boosts the pride of our homeowner partners.
  • Families’ zero-percent payments are used to benefit the community, and donated materials and volunteer labor keep the costs low.
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