Military Blessings

Veterans-ProgramAn initiative that benefits Veteran’s homes in need of repair

The greater Coachella Valley is home to the largest Marine training center in the world and a haven for wounded and retired veterans of all wars and services. A surprising number, some 1,600, live at or near poverty levels.

Of the lucky ones that have their own homes, many have neither the financial nor physical ability to maintain them. Many live in distressed rental housing or are homeless.

Although there are many veterans service organizations there are insufficient programs available for these aging veterans who live on disability pensions. Partnering with other programs throughout the desert, The Desert Communities Fuller Center’s Military Blessing program offers a solution.

Veterans in need can apply to have their homes restored to a simple, decent living condition.  Once repairs are complete, The Fuller Center will work with each veteran to help them structure an affordable repayment plan and thus recycle the funds for use by other needy veterans. All of this is done while charging no interest, without the use of a mortgage and without requiring the title to the property as collateral.


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