Save a House/Make a Home

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A housing initiative that benefits families, lenders and the market

With the help of banks, mortgage firms, volunteers and caring supporters, we restore vacant and foreclosed homes to good condition and fill them with decent families who need a hand up, not a handout.

Why now: There are thousands of vacant houses in the greater Coachella Valley. Meanwhile, hundreds of families live in sub-standard housing or poverty housing.  This does not count those who are homeless or living with relatives.

image001Lift the market: Vacant houses, especially deteriorating ones, drag down overall house values, which hurt existing homeowners and the housing market.

Smart business: Financial institutions can relieve themselves of the burden of maintenance, insurance and taxes on vacant properties by transferring them to private ownership at the same time as they help the community.

In good hands: Ninety percent of The Fuller Center for Housing’s work involves home repairs and renovations. We know how to fix homes and fill them with deserving families.

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